What Does the Club Do?

It is a student led organization in schools meant to entice, introduce and enable students embrace Entrepreneurship as an alternative career choice.

  • Teaches skill sets that entrepreneurs need to be successful
  • Provides access to resources, otherwise hard to find
  • Teaches how to develop and refine business ideas (recognizing the difference between ideas and opportunities)
  • Assists students in building, launching, and sustaining a successful company 

We work with region’s business people and entrepreneurs, as well as academic program leaders. As a club member, you will be offered many benefits such as:

  • Learning from expert speakers
  • Meeting potential mentors
  • Get business planning and commercialization training
  • Learn how to fund a startup business
  • Network with region’s executives
  • Participate in competitions
  • Get help with business plans
  • Share ideas
  • Make friends and build partnerships with fellow future leaders
  • Take part in community service

We believe that the best leaders dream big, prepare, take risks, create value, and give back. The Entrepreneurship Club provides unique learning experiences that develop these characteristics, preparing students to become leaders who leave the world better than they found it.

Students are encouraged to “Dare Mighty Things,” as well as developing values such as ethical leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. We see successful outcomes of this approach in the lives of our students and alumni every day.

We invite every student and faculties to become a part of our aspirational journey.


Our mission is to develop leaders of distinction in commerce and public affairs. This is built on our four strategic pillars:

  • Analytical Rigor,
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit,
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Global Vision.

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